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1CPE Our Staff (Note To Parents) Tue Jan 12, 2010 7:04 am



Moderators and Administration
Moderators and Administrators of these sites monitor your
compliance with the rules of the site and dispense disciplinary action
at their discretion. Disciplinary decisions may be appealed through the
Appeal Procedure. All Appeals should be kept in PM's and/or e-mail
correspondence and should not be publicly posted. If you have concerns
regarding in incident, please feel free to discuss the matter with them
via an e-mail or PM. Do not create a new topic simply for the purposes
of questioning a moderator's decision.

Any posts containing inappropriate content will either be
edited or removed from the forums and posting such
Words/Phrases/Content after being warned can result in being suspended
from this forum for a given amount of
time defined by the infraction and the Moderators. If you are
consistent about posting this sort of content after you have been
warned you will be permanently suspended from the site.

Anyone impersonating or acting like they are an
administrator or moderator is not allowed and can result in
disciplinary action. If a user finds a thread or post that is
inappropriate please report the thread or post and let the
administration and moderating staff handle the situation.

Forum Infractions may result in actions being taken that can range from written warnings
to temporary suspension to permanent suspension depending on the
severity and frequency of the offense.

Attempting to bypass a suspension by accessing the forums with another account will result in a permanent, immediate suspension.


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