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1default Screenhog Birthday Party Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:10 am



Screenhog's Birthday is on the 21 of August. To celebrate I have created a party plus an party invite to invite Screenhog. I really hope he shows up.

Here are the party Details:
Saturday, August 21, 2010
North Pole
12:00 Pm Penguin Time
Dance Lounge

Want to send Club Penguin Support or Screenhog another party invite? Then please copy and paste this invite below. The more people to send this in, the higher the chance he may come.

Dear Club Penguin,

Myself, Dq231 & lots of other penguins have planned a party for Screenhog this Saturday at 12:00 Penguin Time, at the Dance Lounge on the server North Pole. We would really like it if screenhog would show up to this party. He does'nt have to be there for very long, it could even be 5 minutes.

Thanks for reading this.
Your Penguin Friend (put your penguin name here)

We would all like to wish Screenhog Happy Birthday

Yes I will be going to this party


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